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"In 2006 we set out to create an athlete monitoring system, that embodied ease of use, value for money and class leading accuracy. In achieving those goals we have always worked directly with the athletes, coaches and sports scientists who use the product. The essence of VX Sport™ is to empower athletes to improve their physical potential, reduce their risk of injury and ultimately to triumph." 

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Richard Snow - Founder & Managing Director


The VX Sport success story is largely as a result of our innovation agenda, along with offering the best value-for-money solution for a professional/research grade solution. We're trusted by clients all over the world to help them navigate a noisy marketplace and choose a solution that meets their specific situation and priorities.  



Cutting Edge Hardware

VX Sport’s wearable technology is recognized globally for providing the most accurate and reliable data to improve athletic performance and reduce injuries.

VX Sport™ offers professional level accuracy across our whole product range, with no loss of quality.

Coaches can download data after training sessions or matches with all VX Log units. Our premium VX Live™ Log even allows you allows you to monitor your athletes in real time, using the smallest receiver on the market.

Innovative, easy-to-use software

VX Sport's easy to use software has been designed to enable coaches and trainers to get the data they need, quickly and easily. Millions of data points are calculated into key decision making metrics, automatically ensuring your data is available when you need it. Your VX Sport™ data is available anywhere via VX Cloud™, allowing coaches and athletes to keep track of their performance whenever and wherever they are.

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