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VX Hardware

VX Sport wearable technology is recognized globally for providing accurate and reliable data to optimize athlete performance. Coaches can download data after training sessions or matches with the VX View Log, or analyze training sessions and matches in real-time with the VX Live Log.  All VX Sport systems include vests, heart rate straps, VX Logs, and a charge/carry case.  

VX Software

VX Sport’s simple and easy to use software is sold in modules so that you can choose exactly what you need, and don’t end up paying for tons of features you never use.  Additionally, you can add new modules at anytime so that you can start simple and grow into more complex analysis, planning, and customization over time.

Systems start from US$300 per athlete per year, based on a 3 year term payment contract.

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  • VX Sport Charging Case

  • Vest Black

  • VX View Log

  • VX Live Log

  • Heart Rate Strap

  • Dashboard

  • VX Live

  • Location Report

  • Track Report

  • Cloud Summary Dashboard

  • Cloud Wellness Dashboard

  • VXLive Receiver

  • VX Software

  • Vest White

  • Carry Case

  • VX Sport Backpack

VX System Technical Specs

VX System Technical Specs