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In part 1 of this series, Customer Success Manager Andrew Wise brings you on a tour of the main features of the VX Training Load tool - a customisable companion software that allows you to choose metrics, benchmarks and weightings of your choice to calculate training load scores.

Why measuring Body Impacts in rugby, lacrosse and american football can be more insightful for performance and medical staff over traditional collision measurements.

How do teams use VX Sport's Training Companion to help manage loads? Jamie Tout walks us through one of the most popular features in the VX Sport suite.

In Part 2 of this series, Andrew again shows you some of the great features that allow you instant access to the vital training load insights of your athletes and team - all customised through metrics, benchmarks and weightings chosen by you relative to your context and environment.

We share some tips from Heart Rate Variability expert Dr. Angela Spontelli Gisselman about best practices when recording HRV.

Heart Rate Variability expert Dr. Angela Spontelli Gisselman shares some of the most effective methods for HRV data collection.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

 Learn how the Wellington Phoenix use VX Sport™ technology to view training data on any device. Wellington Phoenix Head of Strength and Conditioning Aidan Wivell gives us some insights on how the team uses athlete monitoring technology both in practices and on game day.

"VX really is the bread and butter of our athlete load monitoring, helping us and the coaches make key decisions on how much training we do, who needs to do a bit more, who needs to do less, and really just planning what we're doing."


Ethan Kinney - Head of Physical Performance at Worcester Warriors.

Ethan Kinney portrait

""This data has been invaluable in tailoring how we train effectively and optimally. As well as serving as a tool in order to quantify our match demands to further influence how we train in order to meet these demands." Read the whole interview here.

Rudy Bourguignon - Hockey and Volleyball S&C Coach.

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"VX Omni™ allows me to monitor things that were impossible not that long ago such as accelerations and sprints in indoor arenas…I can now measure and monitor all the training and preparation we do with the volleyball team. And because the system is also fully portable it's a huge advantage when we are monitoring matches and training away from our home venue." Read the whole interview here.

Paulo Santos - Strength & Conditioning Coach at Boavista F.C.


"The VX Sport™ system allows us to individualize practically all metrics we use and this an essential feature for our monitoring system." Read the whole interview here.

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