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How does VX Sport help?







Injuries impair team performance. The VX System will minimize the cost of injury by using data to manage workload and monitor athlete readiness. Collecting physical data from VX sensors in the VX Log, vest and heart rate strap capture your athletes performance and intensity levels. Studies have shown that our system can reduce injuries by 36%. The cost of an athlete missing training or matches due to an injury is remarkable.

Learn how the Wellington Phoenix use VX Sport™ technology to view training data on the fly. WPX Men's Head of Strength and Conditioning Weijie Lim talks about the VX System and it's ability to monitor player training loads as well as manage injury risk. 

Proven to prevent injuries.

 New Zealand Defence Force reduced injuries of new recruits by 36% whilst maintaining or increasing fitness

"It's a no-brainer once you see how simple it is to get your data and analyze it, then change your program to suit"




Overtraining puts a massive amount of stress on the body and can eventually result in injuries. The two main causes of overtraining are lack of recovery time between sessions and an increase in training intensity levels that may damage the body.


Undertraining programs can also lead to an increase of injuries. Exposing players to low training loads prior to high demanding competitions can place athletes at a higher risk of injury due to lack of preparation.

The cost for a single player missing just one training session or match can be hundreds of dollars, and a single player missing one week of the season is obviously even more. Looking at pre-injury statistics can help ensure efficient rehabilitation and a chance to return to the field at a faster rate.

Get the rewards of quantitative decision making.


Athlete Development

Each day presents the chance for athletes to improve, but only if they are training at the proper intensity levels. Use the VX System to assign and monitor individual loads and maximize opportunities for growth.  

Asset Management

Research shows that injuries have a drastic effect on a team's success. Prevent injuries, return to play faster, reduce insurance premiums and maximize your ROI by keeping your athletes on the field.

Performance Profiling

Put data behind what high performance means for your team and athletes.  Build profiles of top performers to inform recruiting and tactical decision making.

Culture of Accountability

The numbers don't lie, and they don't leave any room to hide.  Provide concrete feedback to your team and watch them compete internally while taking more ownership over their performance and readiness.